Dear friends,
Let us take a moment to recognize another academic year of hard work and wonderful achievements — despite less-than-ideal circumstances. Please join me in congratulating our lab mates on some of their successes.
  1. Jinkyung (Katie) Park: Defended PhD thesis (LIS).
  2. Ramanathan Arunachalam: Graduated from masters (CS).
New Jobs:
  1. Chidansh Bhatt (post doc alum)– joined IBM Research
  2. Isha Ghosh (PhD alum) — joined Intel
  3. Ramanathan Arunachalam (MS-CS alum)– joined Nvidia
  1. Aziz Almuzaini: Passed PhD Qualifying Exam
Awards/Recognitions: Each of these is a significant achievement. They happened recently and we did not get to celebrate in our weekly meetings.
  1. Jinkyung (Katie) Park: (a) Outstanding PhD Graduating Student (LIS), 2022; (b) Selected for CSST Summer Institute. Katie has 3 papers accepted this year and a fourth one is pending minor revision at CSSW.
  2. Eiman AhmedLEADING Fellowship
Publications: (Our lab members are in bold.)
  1. Ghosh, I., & Singh, V. (2022). “Not all my friends are friends”: Audience‐group‐based nudges for managing location privacyJournal of the Association for Information Science and Technology. 73(6), 797-810.
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  3. Park, J., Ahmed, E., Asif, H., Vaidya, J., & Singh, V. (2022, February). Privacy Attitudes and COVID Symptom Tracking Apps: Understanding Active Boundary Management by Users. In International Conference on Information (pp. 332-346). Springer, Cham. 
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  1. Almuzaini, A., Bhatt, C., Pennock, D., & Singh, V.K. (2022), “ABCinML: Anticipatory Bias Correction in Machine Learning Applications”. To be published in the Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency (FAccT). 
  2. Beytia, P., Agarwal, P., Redi, M., & Singh, V.K. (2022), “Visual Gender Biases in Wikipedia: A Systematic Evaluation across the Ten Most Spoken Languages”. To be published in the Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM).
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Hope you all have a wonderful summer break. We will meet on an as-needed basis over the summer. Look forward to resuming our weekly meetings early in the Fall semester.


May 08, 2022