Behavioral Informatics Lab group photo

About Us

Behavioral Informatics Lab works at the intersection of human behavior and information technology. We develop new algorithms, interfaces, and frameworks that aim to maximize the good of technology (e.g., predicting mental health issues) while minimizing the potential harms (e.g., privacy loss, detecting bias in algorithms).

Two major themes of research are:

  1. AI for health and wellness: Developing theory-aware algorithms that use multimodal data (e.g., phone logs, social media) to model mental health, wellbeing, trust, etc. Projects: Rutgers Well-being Study (2015-2020); Rutgers Wellness Study (2021-ongoing).
  2. Reducing harm in digital environments: Developing algorithms, interfaces, and frameworks that reduce harm in digital environments (e.g., cyberbullying, privacy loss, misinformation, algorithmic bias).